PAO FENG INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD., established in 1991 and headquartered in Taiwan, obtains the most extensive market experience and innovative executive team. The company upholds the serving spirits of high quality and efficiency to provide all-round service to customers.

We are your best partner! We provide the most professional service with the best quality!

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The tenet of PAO FENG

We are a professional team full of vitality and good at setting an overall strategy and program implementation to meet various requirements of customers. We guarantee to provide the product with the best quality. Our tenet is to serve our customer attentively.

PAO FENG's competitiveness

We have vast range of marketing channels from traditional place, hypermarkets to E-commerce field for provide customers an exclusive integrated marketing service with market strategy, project planning, activity planning, product design, production and sales.

PAO FENG's creativity & manufacturing capacity

We continuously develop various versatile products, apply for a number of international patents of product, and combine a number of authorized products to plan themed products for customers. Besides, we’ve set up a self-operated factory with accreditation ISO9001, ICTI...etc., which accords with international standards.

We are able to handle a wide range of customized products more efficiently via the whole process from creative development, rapid prototyping, mold design and manufacturing to production assembly.

Pao Feng ‘s Services

We provide a full range of services with innovative brand marketing and precise marketing strategies for the customized marketing program and exclusive integrated marketing services for your company.

Milestone of PAO FENG

Pioneer stage, one step at a time

Crossing overseas and moving toward globally

Digital development to create more possibilities

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