Doraemon and Dorami go together to 7-11 ! "Doraemon Magic Props" 8/28 Debut

2019 / 08 / 28
Doraemon and Dorami go together to 7-11 ! "Doraemon Magic Props" 8/28 Debut

Famous for more than 50 years, Doreamon is debuted at 7-ELEVEN!

From August 28th, redeem stickers in exchange for " Doraemon Magic Props " was launched. Together with the Doraemon magical props element, the "Delicious ╳ Travel" theme series was launched, which combines practical and collectible value to create a quality life proposal!

Redeem stickers in exchange for " Doraemon Magic Props " will be launched in two times. The first time will be started from August 28th. The first time of products includes "Limited Modeling Airplane / Bus /scooter" and "Limited Memory Toast Modeling Plate" "Limited Japanese style Travel Masks + Eye Mask Sets" and "Limited Japanese style Travel Folding Slippers". You can redeem one if you add 6 points and $89~599

Doraemon and Dorami  Modeling Airplane / Bus /scooter"

Doraemon and Dorami style cute and healing!   The airplane and the bus have a pullback function, and the scooter has a centrifugal power function.

Memory toast styling tray

Restore the classic memory toast magical props, transform into a table, no matter what food is put, it will be delicious!  There are a total of cherry blossom toast, and a Japanese style Doraemon, and  Japanese style of Dorami, can be used as a snack tray, dinner plate, suitable for microwave ovens, dishwashers.

Japanese Style Travel Mask + Eye Mask Set (with storage bag)

The Japanese pattern design, the elastic band is comfortable and soft, so that the Doraemon and Dorami are good for you to sleep, for both adults and children.  can own the 3 in combination in

one time!

Japanese Style Travel Folding Slippers (with storage bag) 

When someone fly abroad, they really want to take off the shoes, but usually only have slippers in the business class and business class.  It doesn't matter, we can prepare ourselves.  Doraemon, Dorami Foldable Slippers, can be foldable, easy to carry, also comes with a storage bag, Clean and hygienic, isolation dirt

No. L Doreamon (suitable for foot length 24.5-26 cm),

No. M Dorami (suitable for foot length 22-24.5 cm).

On August 28th, at 3 pm launched a series of limited pre-orders for the delicious series and travel series. There are “Limited Japanese Coffee Pour Over Coffee”, a limited Japanese style Toaster, and a "limited Four-Hole USB power supply", Foldable Plug. "Limited Magic Page Turning Clock".

Japanese Coffee Pour Over Coffee”

Someone likes to make coffee at home and like Doraemon’s friend, don't miss this ! Japanese pattern design, using ceramic material, good thermal insulation. The mug’s capacity of about 500 ml.

Japanese Style Toaster

The double-slot of the toaster can bake different classic patterns, six-stage baking time control, and the movable type chip tray can be cleaned.  The type of  Doraemon can be baked the pattern of face & bell.  Dorami can be baked the pattern the bow and Hopter pattern.

Four-Hole USB Power Supply

With 4 USB charging holes, easy to bring out for travel, foldable plug, with storage space, AC110-240V, international common voltage.  It’s the same,including doraedom & doeami 2 styles.

Limited Magic Page Turning Clock

Powered by battery, big numbers, clear and easy to read!  If someone don’t like the sound of the clock, can choose this model, two type with different colors blue and a pink for men and women to choose the color.

In addition, from September 11th, the second time of “Redeem stickers in exchange for Doraemon” will be launched, more cute and classics items will be available .

7-11 redeem stickers in exchange for "Doraemon Magic Props  " first time to launch

Timeframe: 8/28 to 10/6, the item is redeemed until 10/8.

Activity method: 1 point for consumption of NT$50(excluding smoking products, filters, designated 3C goods/accessories, TV, collection services; X-Store special stores, smart machines are not included in the activity) , a set of 6 points to buy one by limited qty.

The news was taken from Aug 21, 2019, and reported by the life art of Up Media, Lin Guanxi, editorial &photography.


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