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Theme marketing events

[Rewards Program]
Redeem stickers in exchange for LINE FRIENDS dual-function pen + mug + umbrella + piggy bank

Timeframe: 2014/03/05 to 2014/04/27
In response to the rise of the LINE stickers, we launched a total of 12 designs including the "LINE dual-function pen of figurine earpiece plug and stylus" and the "LINE limited edition of three-piece set of stirrer and mug". The figurine on the "Changeable Expression stylus" is removable and can be used as an earpiece plug; a mug is with a lid and a stir stick; an alarm clock designed as a piggy bank in action figures, and the most breathtaking one is the folding umbrella that will surprise you with pattern when it gets wet which attracted large crowds waiting in line since the middle of the night and the umbrellas were sold out instantly.

Redeem stickers in exchange for OPEN Figurine of tap dance

Timeframe:2010-11-03 ~ 2011-01-16
Cooperation with the OPEN family, there are a total of seven designs of tap dance figurines and Christmas limited hidden versions. It’s once in a blue moon that this time, the USB function is included. It has been upgraded to a figure that can dance and sing. Each of them has its own theme song. When gathering them all, it has become a step dancing group that one starts to dance and here come the others. The performance is so spectacular that once caused a craze in exchange, which also let the original customer’s order of 3.5 million be added up extra order of 2.8 million, reached to a total amount of 6.3 million! The performance was up by 15% from the same period last year.

OPEN! “Click” pen / pull-back car with projection
Get one by redemption of stickers with additional fee

Timeframe: 2009.05.06 to 2009.06.16
In response to the successful opening of 7-11 in Shanghai, commemorative products of OPEN were launched, in Shanghai with a total of four models: Dream Mall in Kaohsiung, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Maglev Train in Shanghai and Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai. The click pens are with different facial expressions and a unique foldable function in the body part. The topical image can be projected by the pull-back car. Above mentioned was the pioneering design of the market at that time and then become the sensation of collection.