Creative product planning
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Creative product planning

City Cafe X Fuchico of World trip theme

Timeframe: 2017/03/01 to 2017/04/11
In recent years, the fuchico has become all the rage in Japan. PAO FENGand 7-11 have seized this business opportunity and cooperated with the original authors of Japan to launch a world trip series coming in five fuchicos and 4 action figures which are available by redeem stickers from purchasing coffee. They are both soothing and practical leading to the pre-purchased rage, followed by the increase of the coffee consumption and its sales. The authorized agent has given great recognition and exclusively designated us for manufacturing.

Redeem stickers in exchange for “Sanrio celebrities go to work”

Timeframe: 2016/09/14 to 2016/10/30
Sanrio officially authorized five famous characters, such as Hello Kitty, KiKi & LALA,Gudetama, and Pom Pom Purin, to develop the "Sanrio Celebrities go to Work" series of products as total of 12 models, including scissors with 3D action figure design, stapler and solar bubblehead toy figure, furthermore, a limited quantity of USB nightlights and 13L large outdoor insulated bags. They are all stress-relief and soothing items in the office. Hence, all products are fully redeemed! Allowing the rewards both keepable and practical is the key to increase the base amount and customer flow.

Redeem stickers in exchange for ONE PIECE Charger with luminous figurine design Flashlight / Laser Pen / Counterfeit bill detector

Timeframe: 2012/11/07 to 2012/12/16
Cooperating with the worldwide popular anime to launch the One Piece Charger with luminous figurine design series for all ages and all the genders. Phone chargers are made from 9 portraits of One Piece combining with flashlight or laser pen or counterfeit bill detector, which is very affordable for a gift with dual function. The original order was 2.2 million, and then added up to extra 3.5 million, with a total of 5.7 million while it’s highly praised and appreciated by the consuming public!