Authorized product planning
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Authorized product planning

Redeem stickers in exchange for 1969-2016 Honda classic heavy motorcycle series

Timeframe: 2016/09/28 to 2016/11/15
With HONDA OEM authorization, we launched 10 heavy motorcycle models 1:24 with metal texture of the body, exquisite painting, two movable wheels, the rotatable front, and the simulated details of discs with a beautiful transparent display box.
Limited 1:12 zinc alloy racing heavy motorcycle model. The front wheel can be turned left and right, the rear wheel is with shock absorber design, and the attached support and the exclusive limited number are on the display stand.
4 types of colorful mugs with four different colors are with a layer of pearl pigment on the surface, the color of the cup will present different visual levels with the light changing.
The limited edition of clock in the shape of the rear wheel gear of heavy motorcycle is with two colors options, black and silver. When choosing wall mount, the stand for placing the clock can be used as a business card holder and a pen holder!

Redeem stickers in exchange for CITY CAFE Porsche Classic series 911

Timeframe: 2017/06/07 to 2017/07/18
Exclusive OEM cooperation with the German PORSCHE, a total of 15 products are launched in 3 series:
[Limited edition of zinc alloy classic model 1:24]: There are 3 colors to choose: orange, purple and white. They are the first batch of limited edition new models in 2016 in Taiwan! Each car has its unique code and worthy of collecting, plus they come with exclusive support and exquisite collection card. Its highly-skilled coating is simulation of a real vehicle.
The wheel with suspension effect can be controlled and moved by the steering wheel.
[Classic Car Model 1:64]: 9 well-proportioned size reduction classic model 911 and 1 special Spyder 550. Both men and women strongly desire the sports car. Each model comes with a display stand.
[Limited edition of trailer]: A total of 2 colors to choose: red and black, with large capacity. It can fully store and display the whole series of 10 classic cars model 1:64. The upper layer can be tilted, and the lower one can be pulled out. It’s functional and practical.

Redeem stickers in exchange for CITY CAFE NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R

Timeframe: 2016/09/28 to 2016/11/15
Authorized by Nissan OEM Skyline GT-R, the eight GT-R pull-back car models 1:60 are available, including a limited edition of XANAVI NISMO GT-R (R34) 2002. There are 3 editions of the latest R35 which are ones in 2016, in 2017 and the NISMO.
The full set is inclusive of a collecting box. Its bottom is with Carbon-like coating. The transparent cover and the base are attached by magnets. The base of the car can be embedded in the size of the original design. It is quite stable after being placed and never mind the displacement!
There are also two GT-R (R35) wireless mice 1:38 with USB wireless receiver to apply, including 10M wireless sensor, adjustable optical scanner, and the function of zoom in/out.
Two types of the throw pillows to choose: black R32 and blue R34. It is made of PU leather and fluff. If there is a stain, it can be wiped off with a towel instead of washing it. What a trouble-free and beautiful design!

Redeem stickers in exchange for City Cafe X City Discovery MINI Cooper car model / pull-back car

Time frame: 2015/09/16~2015/10/29
The classic British OEM car brand MINI COOPER authorized the launched 8 classic models of 1:60, including 3 pull-back cars and 5 car models. It has become a craze of purchasing and which followed by being all out, even included the additional order of 1.5 million. It has successfully increased the customer flow and pumped up the sales of City Cafe's.