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Customized commodity planning

Rewards program of Kanahei family fancy products - large towel for multiple use, multi-functional 3D storage bag, thermos for food and fancy foot cover

Timeframe: 2016/11/09 to 2016/12/18
After already having promoted several rewards programs of Kanahei family, once again we collaborated to launch a new face in the collection. The "large towel for multiple use" can be used as a blanket or a bath towel, and the "thermos for food" is a practical hit in winter time. The "fancy foot cover" is a must-have for the winter at home. The "Multi-Functional 3D Storage Bag" might not be able to warm you up, but it can store your items which is practical and with soothing effect. The theme of this time is to about Christmas, the main idea is about the pleasant warmness and stress-relief. This series is both creative and practical. Furthermore, the better quality than other brand in the market successfully increased the customer flow and base amount. In the meantime, it allowed the extra order to be unbuyable.

Reward program with double fun – Redeem stickers in exchange for lucky cat bubblehead pen + dish set

Timeframe: 2015/07/01-2015/12/31
In view of the success of the previous activity, we collaborated with well-known bank again to launch a series of products including 5 bubblehead pens with interesting foldable part in different colors with various expressions and dish set in the design of the mascot-Lucky cat. They are sophisticated and cute. Via this event, it successfully shaped the brand of the entrepreneur and once again enhanced the growth of revenue for the company.

Reward program with double fun – points collecting fun with lucky cat

Time frame: 2015/07/01 to 2015/12/31
Cooperating with well-known bank and their mascot, the Lucky cat, we launched a series of dishware with Lucky cat design, including dessert spoon, dessert fork, long fork, chopsticks, and long spoon, which upgraded the value and the sense of culture of the gift. It has encouraged and stimulated the office workers with their own financial ability to attend to the bank more often, which resulting in the exchange of a total of 220,000 pieces.

Redeem stickers in exchange for hopter fan with Doraemon design‧100 years anniversary before the birth in 2112

Timeframe: 2012-9-05 ~ 2012-10-14
In honor of the 100th anniversary before the birth of DORAEMON, we presented the hopter fan combined with figurine wearing 6 different expressions and colors. The doll has a transformational technique, you’d find the transparent soft rubber blade after opening the head cover of Doraemon. The flade can be easily stored with a gentle touch on the doll’s nose, and then close the cover back to the status of a normal figurine. What a consideration between safety and practicality! The exchange period is shorter than expected. In order to meet customers’ satisfaction, the product has hit the store shelves beforehand.

7-11 Rilakkuma 10th Anniversary activity Redeem stickers in exchange for Rilakkuma Mug / dessert bowl

imeframe: 2013/04/03 to 2013/05/26
In cooperation with Rilakkuma from Japan with its OEM authorization, we specifically design a support on the stirrer in order to avoid the displacement while it’s inside of the mug. It’s the key to obtain extra order of 3.4 million pieces out of the original 2.2 million ones with such a considerate design, which the order in total exceeding 5.6 million.